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AV Quito and Tulcán
Closed Patricio
San Cristóbal
Phone: 593 (5) 2520323 – 593 (5) 2521666

To the island San Cristobal is reached exclusively by via air. Air transport companies serving it are TAME, AVIANCA and LAN with daily itineraries departing from the cities of Quito and Guayaquil.

Hotel Cabañas Pimampiro, is located on San Cristobal Island, close to the Centre of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, the capital of the archipelago.

All domestic and foreign passengers must obtain authorization for entry to the islands such as: Control card transit (TCT) issued by the Council of Government, Declaration of products form issued by the Agency of biosecurity and quarantine for the province of Galapagos, permission to enter the Areas protected by the Galapagos National Park address.

For foreign yachts entering the Islands must comply with the formal requirements that require institutions: CAPTAINCY of PUERTO BAQUERIZO MORENO, GALAPAGOS National Park, agency of BIOSECURITY and QUARANTINE for the province of GALAPAGOS.

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