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Beach Mann

Beach mann

Is a beach of sand white formed by the fragmentation of shells, the clarity of its waters allows the practice of diving of surface. Due to the proximity to the town this place is recreational use and also is a place where you can enjoy the best sunsets.


Snorkeling, swimming, kayaking, photography.


Natural galapaguera

The hike from the beach until the cone half moon is of approximately 5 Km, is important take in has that the walk takes minimum 3 1 / 2 hours, of ida and turned; the site is good because you can see turtles galapagos in their natural environment.galapaguera

San Cristóbal island has also some endemic animal species among which are: the Mockingbird, the lava lizard, one species of geckos, and turtles. All of these species can be observed in this place.

In the months of January to may, it is common to find traces of the females that have risen to the sand dunes to lay their eggs.


With naturalist guide, hiking, photography and filming group tours

Lion sleep

This ancient, eroded volcanic tuff Rock is located in the middle of the Sea northwest of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno. León Dormido or Kicker Rock, consists of two rocks of apprSleeping lionoximately 148 m high, named for its resemblance to a sleeping lion.

Between the rocks is form a channel outstanding to swim, practice diving, snorkel and observe species as boobies legs blue, boobies masked, frigates, pelicans and wolves marine. Sharks of galapagos and hammers, sea turtles, eagdivingle rays and many tropical fish is observed at sea.


Diving, snorkeling, photography and filming, obseracion of birds.

Tip visit

The site is located to the Northwest of the island, comprises a small Bay formed by three beaches, which, due to its location, generates a unique scenic appeal by the presence ofTip visit cones of lava beaches behind and joined the spectacular view to the distance that offers Cerro Brujo and León Dormido, ideal place for photography.

To access this site you must contact local tourism operators.


Hiking, photography and filming.

White Rose Bay

White Rose is a Bay located northeast of San Cristobal Island, is characterized by having several small beaches, but whose main attraction is the large beach located in the BayCentre of the small Bay where there is the presence of large number of dunes that added to its crystalline waters create a unique scenic attraction in the area.



Snorkeling, swimming, photography and filming.

Isla Lobos

Lobos island is approximately 20 minutes from Puerto Baquerizo Isla lobosMoreno. The long of the trail is of 850 metres and the time estimated of tour is of a time. There is a small population of boobies of feet blue and of frigates common that nest at this site.

You can observe to them two species of wolves present in the archipelago. During the boat trip can observe pelicans cafés, several species of shore birds; While the presence of juvenile sea lions is common during the surface dive, stripes pan and sea turtles.


Hike, snorkel, photography and filming